Our Services
Controlled Dismantling
At Magnis Infrasolutions we do controlled dismantling of structures after they are occupied require special care and equipment with which work could be executed with least disturbance and maximum efficiency. Such dismantling minimizes the vibration transmission in the structure and thereby ensuring the safety of the structure.

We are equipped with quality controlled dismantling machines that includes special diamond cutting machines like saw cutter, concrete punching machines, vertical wall saw, electrically operated drilling machines, chipping machines and industrial vacuum cleaners to undertake specialized dismantling works,

Magnis Infrasolutions provides precise and accurate slitting, cutting, drilling and sawing of reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone structures. The high-tech equipment used ensures the integrity of the existing structure. Slitting tools can be used for installing electric cables and conduits in concrete, masonry and sand lined block.

Flooring Methods and Process
1. Understand clientís project objective and system requirements.
2. Conductís client visit.
3. Consultation with project/site personnel on floor requirements.
4. Diagnosis of existing floor concerns.
5. Submission of recommended solutions for clientís approval. /td>
6. Project implementation. Flooring Methods and Process would differ depending on the kind of flooring product we offer. But basically, what HPFI offers is a supply and install of all of its products. This gives the client more value of their money brought about by single-source warranty.