Our Company
Organizational Overview
The Magnis Infrasolutions’s is a serviced based organisation and our success is dependent on the quality of the service we deliver. Strength of leadership and our people’s skills and motivation are therefore crucial to our performance.
Without doubt, our people are the key asset driving the business. Magnis Infrasolutions places considerable emphasis on leadership, responsibility and accountability, and employs some of the best people in the industry. They are project-focused, committed to hard work and achieving high quality standards, and get a lot of professional satisfaction out of meeting or beating targets. The Magnis Infrasolutions is committed to developing their individual skills and career paths; accordingly training and human resources remain high on the agenda.
Creating a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace for all our people is part of the co’s core values and one of its highest priorities. The importance of this is underlined by the fact that every day our operating companies are engaged in complex and difficult activities. We foster a performance driven culture throughout the company and reward performance against stated objectives through various incentive schemes. Our people operate through a decentralised management structure that allows a high level of autonomy. It is a flexible structure that can adapt to changing market conditions and each of our companies has its own distinct identity and market position.
Broad skill base
Across the verticals we have a vast array of skills, competencies and experience. The skills required by the project developer and contractor of tomorrow will evolve and change. We aim to stay at the forefront by having the right people to best meet those needs.
Management strength
Managing and developing the array of skills in company is a great challenge, but one met by capable, motivated managers. The Magnis Infrasolutions strength of management is recognised as an asset and our management teams, throughout the regions in which we operate, are highly regarded.
Defined autonomy
Management throughout the company with autonomy and is encouraged to innovate and take responsibility for their business unit. This autonomy occurs within a framework of clearly defined guidelines and financial parameters. Targets for financial returns are set and strict assessment criteria are used when tendering for work.
Employee relations
Company is responsible on an individual basis for managing workplace relations. This autonomous approach to employee relations helps to ensure that any issues that arise on a project can be quickly identified and resolved in the field. A workable negotiating framework, together with a balanced and sensible approach is also a key factor in maintaining healthy relationships.
Reward for performance
One of the core values of the company is reward for performance. We strongly believe that people perform best when they have clearly defined goals and are allowed to operate – subject to certain management guidelines – with freedom to pursue those goals. We have simple ways of measuring the achievement of these goals such as ‘return on capital employed’ which, if achieved, also benefits shareholders.

While financial rewards are a strong motivator, we understand that career advancement and continual skill development are also important to our people. Many opportunities are available for people to grow and develop across a broad range of vocations, skills and professions.
Occupational health and safety
The health and safety of our workforce is more than a compliance issue. Magnis Infrasolutions is committed to developing and maintaining a safety-conscious culture throughout the Magnis Infrasolutions We believe in creating a safe, challenging and fun workplace, while striving to ensure employees return home each day in the same health and condition as when they arrived at work.

Our emphasis on training and awareness programs – from employee inductions to regular safety workshops and reviews – seeks to create safer working environments, which ultimately helps to improve performance.