Our Company
Our Values
The Magnis Infrasolutionsís core values are discipline, integrity, safety and success.
Magnis Infrasolutions and each of its operating companies are obliged to:
be commercially competitive;
provide a safe and healthy workplace;
act with honesty, integrity and fairness;
establish clear lines of accountability;
create a fun, challenging and performance driven culture;
respect the environment;
respect the needs of the communities in which we work; and
Encourage and support innovation and technological leadership.
All Magnis Infrasolutionsís employees are obliged to:
work together Ė hard, smart and in the long term interests of the company;
respect and look after each other, the people around them and the community and environment they work in;
act with honesty, integrity and fairness;
speak to their employer whenever something really seems to be wrong;
share their ideas for improvements; and
assume personal responsibility and accountability for their work.
We specialize in large scale of speciality construction and specially work by new age construction technologies. We have the expertise to formulate with the efficiency in multiple super speciality jobs in areas like Waterproofing, repairs, and controlled dismantling & others.

The Magnis Infrasolutionsís operating principles define the way the company operates and provide direction and support for operating companies and staff. The Coís operating principles are underpinned by a common set of core values. These are at the heart of understanding who we are and what we do. They provide a common framework for the company to operate within and are aimed at maintaining their integrity without compromising our ability to compete.

Our values encompass our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace, employee incentives for individual performance, standards of ethical behaviour, efficient management systems, and our approach to environmental management and social responsibility. The Magnis Infrasolutionsís operating principles are integral to our approach to business. They have been, and will continue to be, critical to our success